07 Jan

Recent strengthening of the UK economy has resulted in an increased number of house buyers looking to buy their own homes. Many individuals would have previously chosen not to pursue their investment in property because house prices were at all-time highs. However, following the recent release of the Autumn Statement and robust economic figures from the Bank of England, more house buyers are now feeling more confident about investing in new houses. This is leaving the market with more equity, and potential for growth. As the UK Government considers ways of reducing the deficit, it is clear that house buyers will benefit from this. Discover how to sell my home quick for cash now.

House Buyers have the option of either hiring a solicitor to carry out any necessary work themselves, or taking on the services of independent financial advisors. With the recent strengthening of the UK economy, house buyers were able to save an increasing amount of money due to lower interest rates and increased borrowing power from the Government. House Buyers' sales increased by 80% over Q3 2021 alone, with an additional 33% growth in house exposures over the same period.  Read more on this article if you are planning to sell your house.

The number of repossessions has risen dramatically over the past year, with many sellers losing confidence in the property market. However, as house buyers can now afford to pay much lower closing costs, they are becoming increasingly likely to purchase a house. House cash buyers typically take on the full cost of the home and may pay a small commission on the sale. They do not take on the cost of maintenance, decorating or any repairs, and do not need a mortgage. They usually make a smaller deposit than mortgage lenders and can be paid over a few years. Although they have no legal right to the property, house sellers can expect to be contacted by solicitors involved in the process.

If a house buyer intends to carry out refurbishment work prior to selling, they will usually be eligible for a 'fee of completion' from the seller. These commissions are often worth thousands of pounds and are likely to increase as the value of the house increases. The seller will receive a lump sum payment, but it is likely to be much less than the going market rate. These fees are generally required by law, and you are only entitled to them if you intend to carry out any refurbishment work on the property.
Other types of house buyers include those who are looking to buy property to rent out. If this is the case, you will be able to take on the entire cost of the property. You will, however, need to meet the ongoing running costs, which could prove to be expensive. The property will need to be listed, and any valuation will need to be carried out by a third party. In order to attract more tenants, cash house buyers will offer to take a share of their rent payments. The percentage that the landlord receives will depend on the size of the property and how many people live there.

Repairs and renovations will also attract cash house buyers. For example, those who need to carry out minor repairs in the future may be prepared to invest a little money into paying for the repairs. These types of transactions will often end up taking place after you have sold the property. When real estate investors buy houses, they often put a lot of money into them up front. Therefore, if you plan to sell, you may be encouraged to allow extra funds towards repairs or renovation.  
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